Christian Music That Doesn’t Suck

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re a kindred spirit desperate for music that generally doesn’t suck.

And you’re specifically interested in finding Christian music that doesn’t suck.

It’s beautiful. Genuine. Useful. And can be enjoyed for its own sake.

But let’s be honest, there’s only so many times a song can be written about how amazing God designed the earth accompanied by a hip techno mix and maybe a little rap to make it feel relevant.

So, I’ve comprised a list of songwriters and tracks that I love within the Christian/Worship/Spiritual/Doesn’t Suck Category:

I expect to expand this list as I encounter more and more great music. You can listen to all of the artists listed by checking out my curated playlist here.

Some Kesha songs could have also landed on this list, but I thought it best not to stir the pot too much for those of you who don’t know me. I save that erraticism for my closest friends and enemies.

And please, oh please, send me your recommendations for similar music.

We have to stick together in the quest for quality musical composition and moving melodies.

And if you like fantastical music by fantastical musicians, check out this video featuring music by Alex Taylor.