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What Does it Mean To Only Need God?

Is God really all we need? What does that even mean? Don’t I need socialization and provision and healthy dependencies?  Isn’t there irrefutable proof that I can better thrive in this life if I have friends, seek counseling, have a balanced diet, and a million other things?

What does it mean to only need God?

Maybe I need to become a monk and live in a deserted wilderness to follow God… 

It seems that all too often I hear voices speaking of only needing Jesus. Only needing God. As if those things were separate from the beautiful and vital things in this life.

I hear this rhetoric and I instantly stiffen. Maybe everyone else is able to interpret this and automatically understand its true meaning, but it always instills less than great feelings within me as a perfectionist and person with a track record for choosing suffering over joy.

Should I abandon things that comfort me and turn to dutiful prayer and a strict schedule of religious practices? Should I deny therapy sessions and look to church for my ultimate source of healing?

Am I depending too much on this thing that gives me peace? If it gives me peace, then am I doing something wrong in finding what I need outside of God? 

The mental image that pops in my head is sitting in a small, dark room with only a chair. I imagine myself without food or very little of it and no contact with anyone from the outside world. But it’s okay. Because all I need is God. 

Although I believe God does exist there in that empty room and is able to provide what our hearts, minds, and bodies need, most of us don’t live in these extreme scenarios. 

Perhaps what it means in an everyday sense is needing to rely primarily on God in addition to everything in your life through God, what some might call “godly” things. And what I will call “healthy” for the sake of freshening up the verbiage. 

  • Healthy relationships. 
  • Healthy hobbies. 
  • Healthy self-acceptance.
  • Healthy routines. 
  • Healthy conviction to live your truth. 
  • Healthy emotions: healthy anger, healthy sadness, healthy EVERYTHING. 
  • Healthy attachments to comfort items. 
  • Healthy boundaries. 
  • Healthy sources of healing like doctors, therapists, medication, and things.

In essence, if you feel called to release any of the things related to this list in your life for whatever reason, do it. Because God sometimes needs us to let go of certain things and humble ourselves to experience life and him in a different and more thriving way. And we are all different. 

But I encourage you not to deny yourself things in this world that we are supposed to rely on in healthy ways. Including your emotions. 

And if all of this seems obvious to you, that’s great. But some of us need the reminder that we’re allowed to seek comfort from things when we need it. And that’s okay. Because all we need is God, and God has given us amazing gifts on this earth for our good.

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