Top Christian Psychology Podcasts on Spotify Right Now

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The Best Podcasts About Christianity and Mental Health

The gap dividing Christianity and mental health science grows smaller every day. For many of us that were raised in the church, psychology and counseling finally gave us the language to express ourselves in a way that Biblical narratives failed to do.

I’ve found that Christian psychologists have a way of interpreting the bible and religious principals in a way that is more relatable while honoring how our minds and bodies were created.

So how can you get more of this new spiritually healing language in your life? My personal favorite method is in the form of PODCASTS!

Check out my top 3 favorite podcasts hosted by experts in the field of psychology, counseling, and mental wellness.

1. The Faith and Mental Wellness Podcast by Brittney Moses

Christianity and mental health

Brittney shares practical insights into mental wellness through this podcast and her blog while studying Clinical Psychology at UCLA. She passionately believes that we are Bio-Psycho-Spiritual beings. This belief is evident throughout her content as she proposes different biological, mental, and spiritual strategies for improved mental health.

Not to mention that this particular podcast is perfffff for ladies! Some episodes even include some of Brittney’s gal pals like Morgan Harper Nichols and others as they discuss things like healing through storytelling or being obsessed with what people think about you.

2. The Boundaries.Me Podcast by Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud brings humor and practicality to the world of mental health & faith. His episodes include scriptures and biblical narratives to support healthy ways of living. This gives new meaning to verses that can produce life for many of us that experience anxiety when reading the Bible.

If the title isn’t obvious enough, the entire series focuses on boundaries, but not necessarily in the way you would think. Each episode is unique as having boundaries is interpreted differently for every guest that is on the show. And if you love Lysa Terkeaurst, you can checkout the episode featuring her testimony to establishing boundaries in her life! (Her book about feeling left out and lonely is GREAT.)

3. The Place We Find Ourselves by Adam Young

Adam is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters degree in Divinity. Besides the fact that this podcast has incredible chill vibes, Adam dives into conversations about the way trauma impacts us all in ways we might not realize. Also, there’s a two-part episode about the Enneagram, so that’s cool too.

I always recommend actually visiting a counselor or therapist but this podcast is a great resource to identify different patterns of behavior within yourself and methods of healing. He also discusses the idea that we are designed to need more than God, and what that means.

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